Xu Zhou

Luo Yang

Chang An

Bo Hai

Jing Zhou






Levels 1-8
Starting Party: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei

And so it begins...

We took the Peach Tree Oath and plotted the demise of the Yellow Turban rebels.

Senile merchant Zhang Shi Ping started us off with 100 gold and 500 rations. Realizing this would not be enough, we shook him down for anouther 100 gold and 500 rations. Afterwards, we recruited the lowly bums Song Ren (80-100-110) and Song Yong (60-40-104), although they are typically throwaways.

Map of the Xu Zhou area.

After determining if Cui Zhou Ping was home (he wasn't), we departed Lou Sang village and scurried westward over to Xu Zhou uncontested. Unfortunately, the local billet will not accept Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, so we are stuck with them for the time being.

During a "search" of private homes, we happened upon Mi Zhe (73-157-161), who expressed an unbridled hatred for the Yellow Turban rebels. Afraid to say no, we welcomed him into our army. However, his bark is worse than his bite so we relegated him to the rear of the formation as the tactician.

In the castle, Tao Qian tells me that he will make me his heir if I destroy the Yellow Turban rebels. Scanning the lovely tapestries in the palace, I quickly agree.

Deciding to attack Mt. Da Xing first, we encounter Zhang Bao, who offers us a free lesson in death. Unfortunately for him, we're poor students and he retreats in frustration.

Moving south to Tie Men Xia, Zhang Jao makes fun of his brother, and attacks! We hand his ass to him on a silver platter and he runs away.

Inside, some guy gives us a tip that Han Zhong can get us in the back way of Qing Zhou castle. We finally capture him in the field, and bribe him to join us for a measly 80 gold (he's really worth half that).

Zhang Liang is the first defense of Qing Zhou but we make short work of him. Entering through the back cave, the newly recruited Han Zhong makes his lackeys throw up a rickety bridge for us. Cunningly sneaking up on Zhang Jao, we launch our attack with the screaming fury of righteousness.

Actually, he did all the hollering.

Bathed in the blood of our foes, Zhang Jao, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Liang were beheaded, thus quieting the Yellow Turban rebellion forever.

Finally inside Qing Zhou, an older gentleman approaches us and tells us his son Chen Deng (94-157-153) is a martial arts master (yeah, right) and wants to join us. We may need him soon so we take him. We also get word that a messenger from the absurdly named Cao Cao is present at Tao Qian's court. We race back there since it's about to be our stuff there now.

Turns out Tao Qian just wants to take a nap, so Liu Bei gets delusions of grandeur and ascends the throne. Then the messenger begs for help in fighting against Dong Zhuo who has taken over the capital city, Luo Yang. Not having anything better to do, we agree.

Since Liu Bei is no longer an active army participant, he makes his kid Liu Feng (187-162-399) enlist. He doesn't suck, so he's coming along whether he wants to or not.

Well, seems the only way out of this ghetto is through Fan Shui Guan, so we decide to kill our way through it. Inside, some guy named Sun Ce whines about not getting enough food from Yuan Shu, and runs away sniveling. Guess he hasn't heard of cannibalism. We pick up his slack by dispatching Hua Xiong and Li Su.

Spying a cave in the distance, we get excited. Knowing that generals like to hide their excess treasure inside chests we go looking for some loot.

We hit paydirt! Some dope left 1000 gold and a gold key out in the open! Well, it may have been Zhang Fei since his Intelligence is only 75, and he probably forgot he did it too.

On our way out, we find out someone was following us! The stalker's name is Guan Ping (200-137-418). Impressed that they have the same family name, Guan Yu decides to adopt Guan Ping as his son. We fire the traitorous carpenter Han Zhong in favor of Guan Ping, who leads a lot more guys.

At this point, we had lost lots of men from battles so we decided to stop at the inn and sleep to replenish our soldiers before moving onto the next area here.