Xu Zhou

Luo Yang

Chang An

Bo Hai

Jing Zhou






Levels 8-10
Starting Party: Guan Ping, Liu Feng, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Yang Jin, Mi Zhe, Chen Deng

We could see Luo Yang from the cave. There's probably bad guys at Hu Lao Guan though, so we approach carefully.

Map of the Luo Yang area.

Shit shit, it's Lu Bu (255-72-439) the ultimate badass! He only has the chump Li Ru with him though, so we can take him. We beat them, Lu Bu swears his revenge, and retreats to Luo Yang. Whew!

Inside, some old guy named Wang Yun is feeling generous and tells us that we can retrieve the gemsword from his house. Like we need permission.

Huo Hu (80-175-236), who proclaims he's good with powder, offers to join. Making a mental note to ask him about white powder later, we add him to the army.

Also, we hear about Chi Tu Ma, the King of Horses, who can run one thousand miles a day without even getting tired. We could use one of those so we head back to Fan Shui Guan. Although Chi Tu Ma doesn't get tired, he gets pretty smelly running one thousand miles a day so it's easy to sniff him out and nab him.

Done here, we move to Luo Yang. There's a few forts blocking the way, but they are only manned by Li Jue and Xu Rong. They can't stop our superior Han forces and we cut our way to Luo Yang.

Here we encounter the rebellious Dong Zhuo, who has some taunts for us. He wouldn't say anything, though, if Lu Bu weren't standing behind him. We school them in the art of war and Dong Zhuo hightails it to Chang An (it's to the west).

But when we enter Luo Yang, it's been burned to the ground! The horror of it all! We could have had everything, but there's nothing left now. Except an inn and Wang Yun's house of course. The only loot left is the gemsword in a safe, which that gold key opens. Too bad the gold key disappears, we could have probably bribed Liu Bei from off his throne with it.

Also here we meet Yuan Shao. He says that the fire ruined his food and he's retreating to Bo Hai castle. Who cares? Fat lot of help he was so far.

Over in Yang Zhou, we find Lu Bu again with some of his flunkies. This time though, Yang Jin waves the gemsword in front of Lu Bu's face and to our great relief, his greed wins out over his battlelust.

Fortunately, Lu Bu is greedier than we are.

Drunk with power now with Lu Bu in our army, we batter our way inside Yang Zhou. Down in the castle dungeon, the emperor and Cao Cao are clutching each other thankful to still be alive. Cao Cao says he got caught in an ambush and barely escaped. Now he wants to babysit the emperor back at Luo Yang while it gets rebuilt. Good riddance. What a loser; bet it's the last we hear from him.

Rushing through another cave (curiously, nobody hid anything great here), we get to this area.