Xu Zhou

Luo Yang

Chang An

Bo Hai

Jing Zhou






Levels 14-19
Starting Party: Zhang Xun, Ji Ling, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Guan Ping, Huo Hu

Map of the Bo Hai region.

Immediately setting off north and then east, we find Bo Hai guarded by Lu Guang who tells us to go home and tell Liu Bei how terrible he is. We do so, after beating him. Yuan Shao is nowhere in sight, though.

Back at Bo Hai, inside, everyone is obsessed with a guy named Xu Zhe. Xu Zhe this, Xu Zhe that, Xu Zhe is called Dan Fu, Xu Zhe owes me five gold. Whatever. Some dingy broad is even blocking the bridge and whining about him. Then some old guy overhears Ji Ling swearing an oath to kill Xu Zhe and approaches us. He gives us an urn of black powder and tells us to go spelunking in a cave to the west. Huo Hu wants to snort the powder and Ji Ling wants to use the powder to blow up that woman blocking our way, but the rest of us sense treasure in the cave and drag the others with us.

In the cave, we find Zhou Cang (215-85-506) living like a hermit, and conscript him into service. We also find that jackass Xu Zhe (73-220-643) trapped by some rocks. We blow them up and capture him. Major disappointment in that there's no treasure, though. Turns out Xu Zhe's a good tactician, so we cut that crackhead Huo Hu loose in Nan Yang.

Back again at Bo Hai, that bitch at the bridge finally moves her ass out of the way when she sees Xu Zhe glaring at her. Hey, maybe he's not so bad after all.

On the other side of the bridge, we hear rumors that Yuan Shao is holed up in some place called Ji Zhou and is really to launch an attack. We're ready to spill some more Yuan blood!

Why is Zhang Xun so excited to visit a prison?

However, on the way to Ji Zhou we spy a prison off in the distance. Closing in on it, we're jumped by tactician Xu Shou with major badasses Yan Liang and Wen Hun! Panicking and using some of our enormous store of power pils, we prevail.

We find out that the only living inhabitant of the prison is Zhao Yun's sister. Remembering how he screwed us over before, Zhang Fei uses the silver key to let her out. He tries to "rescue" her, but she has an opportunity to run away when he is distracted by the shiny key.
Prison's no fun alone, honey!

Map of the Ji Zhou area.

Chasing her north, we see her run into Guang Zong castle. Entering, we see Zhao Yun blocking our entrance. But he thinks we saved his sister, so he offers to defect to our side. After a short discussion amongst ourselves, we think that we don't really want to have someone that changes sides so easily in our main army, so we send him off to the billet.

The remainder of Yuan Shao's army at Guang Zong doesn't amount to much, and we demolish them. The populace is happy to be free of Yuan Shao's tyranny, but seem unhappy when they encounter our tyranny.

One guy even threatens us, "Have you set your life in order? You will go to meet them now." and then attacks us!

Yuan Shang talks shit (we think).

He's weak though, and falls without us breaking a sweat. Scampering away, he presumably runs off to tell Yuan Shao how terrible we are.

Yuan Shao has nowhere left to run, and we are closing in. At the first fort, we bathe in the blood of underachievers Ma Yan and Lu Xiang. Next, Zhang Yi and Guo Tu take it on the chin.

Finally, here is the moment we've all prepared for. Liu Bei vs.Yuan Shao. With him, he has Zhang He, Ju Shou, and LU BU! With us we have power pils. Huo Hu was right; nothing beats drugs. 

A concerted effort knocks Lu Bu out immediately. With the backbone of Yuan Shao's army broken so easily, Zhang He and Ju Shou soon fall. Yuan Shao then dies, his egomaniacal plans undone.

Buh-bye now.

Barging into his new castle behind us, Liu Bei now demands that we take the Jing Zhou region, as recent infighting has weakened the rulers there. Great! Now, we get to enact our egomaniacal plans here.