Xu Zhou

Luo Yang

Chang An

Bo Hai

Jing Zhou







Levels 39-
Starting Party:

The current active army.

We're on the home stretch now. We can feel victory in our battle-weary bones. As long as we stick to the plan, nothing can go wrong...

Map of the Guang Ling area.

Our first target of Wei is Guang Ling. We are correct in expecting light resistance at first, in that Xiahou Yuan is defending the fortress alone. Barreling though, we find the ominous Zhang Liao along with Cao Zhen leading the castle's defenses. Concentrating on Zhang Liao first, we don't give him enough time to use his An Sha. Thus falls the first line of Cao Pi's defenses.

Inside, some commoner named Jiang Wei offers to join us. Xu Sheng says no thanks but pushing him into the drink. Other than some guy whining about cutting his foot, there's not much else going on here.

From here, we can see the castles of He Fei and Ru Nan. It's a long trip to He Fei first so we start off immediately.

Map of the Ru Nan area.

Over at the fortress leading to He Fei, we encounter Cao Zhi, another An Sha user. Otherwise, he's pretty weak and we make short work of him. Unfortunately for us, we have a problem.

Xiahou Dun!
Cao Pi's here! Awesome, now we don't have to go chasing all over China to kill him and win. Also, he's got Cao Ren and major toughguy Xiahou Dun with him. Look at that friggin' guy, we have to recruit him.

Cao Pi gets the drop on us and we take a round of lumps. He's got An Sha so we'll have to take him out first.

It's a hard fight, but we win with no casualties, naturally.

We're going to ask you a bunch of questions, and we want to have them answered immediately.